“Wounds Into Wisdom”

Throughout the whole year, we always try to convince ourselves that everyday is the best day as we cross our fingers (and toes) even if there are days that definitely tell a different story.

For example:
There are days when you wake up in the morning, the sun is shining and you feel like the universe is by your side, ready to conquer the world, but there are days that bring out the worst in us—like bringing an umbrella and feeling prepared for the storm but then you notice there is a hole in the middle making you grumpy & frustrated all day long.

But alas! We are blessed with chill days where laziness it at its finest yet you still reward yourself for doing nothing all day. You can lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, exercise your thumbs from scrolling up & down your phone or netflix and chill. Why not? Here in Cebu, the past few days have been gloomy and cold. It’s a sweater weather & emo kind of week where we tend to think about life, reevaluate our choices and give time to set goals for the future.

And that’s exactly what we did! In this chill Sunday morning, we took the time to “turn our ‘wounds into wisdom’ (as Oprah would say)” instead of just staying bitter about stuff that happened and couldn’t be changed anymore.

12 Things We Learned in 2017

In the spirit of new beginnings, appreciating the picture perfect memories and knowing the ugly-pretty truths about life, here are 12 things we learned in the big 2 0 1 7.

1.) New year, same BS. Please don’t be the -> 12:00 YAY, 12:01 NAY person. Be firm with your decision to improve on yourself to have a better life because in reality, there is no restart button. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.

2.) Love will come, but not just on February 14. Find true love in the warmth of your family’s embrace and the light that is your friends. Think about the greatest love there is—you wake up everyday knowing that God has forgiven you and still continues loving you. #blessed

3.) Discover life at your own pace. Remember that you never signed up for a race. Never let people define your accomplishments. Celebrate everything you feel proud of, especially if it’s something that means a lot to you.

4.) Have poetic polaroid moments with your friends even if they once have hurt you. Appreciate the effort they give and continue giving. Let go of toxic ones, the ones that don’t allow you to shine bright (reflect on yourself too because you might be the one who’s toxic). Recognize the real friends that turn into family and never let them go.

5.) Go on dates with your parents and really listen when they talk about their memories when they were your age. Pick up bits and pieces of wisdom. It’s always a learning experience when you’re with them.

6.) Don’t be afraid to start a project you always had your heart set on. Whether it’s a solo project or with a group of friends, do it. Conceptualize and dream big. Being scared and lazy is so last year.

7.) Check up on your health. Physically and mentally. Both coexist with one another and both are equally important for you to achieve your truest being and both are needed for you to be the best version of yourself.

8.) The only thing constant in the world is drama. You can’t do anything to avoid it because people will find ways for you to be involved. Just stay true and stand your ground.

9.) Our lives are composed of different rays of the sun and phases of the moon. Our days don’t depend on how the other see our growth. Chant in your mind and write it in your heart that we will all shine when the time is right and when the time is ours.

10.) Wrong decisions are a bitch. It may bring you tears of frustration and regret. They make you question yourself, your purpose and your future – but guess what? Maybe it was meant to be wrong. Maybe it really wasn’t for you. Until you realize that, you’ll keep holding on to something that might never happen. Just pray. Let go and let God. Let go of what’s not meant to be and let Him take over. When He’s on your side, you got this.

11.) Easy isn’t worth it. If you want to look back at your past and be proud of yourself, you better strip that fear off of you. Be brave and go do what ain’t easy. I tell you, it’s scary af but it’s worth it. Soar high without the fear weighing you down. Just like what Nike says, just do it!

12.) Last but never the least, forgive yourself again and again. You should never be tired of giving yourself one too many chances to try. All the bad things you did, the mistakes you bring with you to sleep, should be learned from, for you to wake up and face another day with the strength that can climb mountains, and knowing that you can move them too.

We hope that you can learn from what we learned. Set aside all the bad vibes and regrets for the past year and attract good energy to keep being positive. Let’s be better everyday and remind ourselves that we don’t need to wait for the new year to start again. Here’s to brighter days ahead!

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"Wounds Into Wisdom"

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"Wounds Into Wisdom"

Always keep your sunny side up!

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