Where I’ve been: 📍Taiwan

It’s that time of year where the Saldaña-De Leon family go on a trip with all nineteen (19) of us—mind you! 🙈

Though this 2019 trip is a little bit sad because one of our cousins, my Kuya Marcus, wasn’t able to come 😔. He lives in London now and just couldn’t make it because of his work schedule.

Here we are! Pretending we’re this chill and not at all chaotic!

Just like my previous “Where I’ve been” posts, I’ll be sharing my photo diary of the random photos I managed to take while trying to catch up on all the walking and eating and more walking and even more eating. 😬

night market by Croter Hung

P.S. This is not a Taiwan guide because we all want different things to be included in our itineraries and honestly, I’m not the right person to be helping you budget your trips. 😬

on our way to eat lunch in Taipei City 🍲🍛

Ping Xi Sky Lantern souvenirs 🏮

the long walk to Shifen Waterfalls —it’s so difficult especially because of the rain 🌧 better bring your handy umbrellas/raincoats

after the v touristy things we did during the day, i make sure to run down to the night market or just go to 7/11 to find cool new stuff or interesting food/snacks. 😋

didn’t feel guilty for drinking these! I shared with my mum and sister ❤️🥤

the following photos are taken using my 📸 Konica C35 Auto Focus (ISO400) with LOMO400 film 🎞

This hotel had the most shady entrance! But once we got up to the correct floor, everything looked so clean and chic 💛 Click Hotel in Ximending is pretty cool.
Bonus: Super close to the Night Market

I don’t even know why I bother to mention that I keep on eating on the trips we take because I NEVER get to take decent photos of the good food. 😭 Promise I’ll try harder next time.

From my first “Where I’ve been” post to this one, and to the next ones to come, I really want to let my photos speak for themselves.
And for this series, most of the uploads are focused on my family, how I managed to take photos of them despite the chaos, and how much every moment means to me—that hopefully shows in every click.


Always keep your sunny side up!

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