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Our blog, Two Girls Under The Sun, is a mix of Noelle and Sofia. Our similar interests and personalities complement each other. It’s just us being different yet the same.

Having been friends for seven years now (yes, our friendship is now a grade 1 student), we’ve always wanted to create a space where we can celebrate life and share our thoughts on disheartening moments. We didn’t know what to focus on when we started this blog in 2018. Two years later, we have discovered that we write a lot about self-care, inspiration and anything that help keep us sane.

Now, that’s where we’ll be giving our creativity, vision, and energy to

Here let us introduce ourselves individually.

I’m Sofia.

Two Girls Under The Sun

I’m an eternal fangirl for a better tomorrow.

I act like I have it all together but I’ve actually been nervous about everything for 20 + years.
My favorite word of all time is: home (whoever and wherever it may be).

I procrastinate a lot— even on things I want to do. Lastly, I’ll always try to be there for the people I care about. How ever they need me, I promise to show up.

I’m Noelle. 

Two Girls Under The Sun

The soft girl with a resting bitch face.
I’ve been called a snob more times than I have rewatched F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

As you may have read in my bio, I’m selectively social because I only have space for people I feel comfortable with. I will give you a handmade gift + handwritten letter instead of telling you “I love you” — because I’m cheesy but not really.

One thing that I wish I learned to do earlier is “let go of what doesn’t serve you”.

Nice to meet you!

One of the self-care tips we always see is to have a creative outlet. Doing so allows you to have something to spend your energy on, to have something you’re excited about, and to have opportunities to express yourself. It’s supposed to be good for you.

And this blog is ours.

We’ll continue to craft no pressure content in the hopes of sharing a bit of light and positivity to you guys (our friends!) Expect more stories on self-care, finding peace, and notes on how to keep your sunny side up!

Two Girls Under The Sun

Two Girls Under The Sun

Sofia & Noelle ♡

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