To the One and Noie (13 Things my Best Friend Taught Me)

The number 13 is synonymous to bad luck and may be perceived as an unlucky number.

As it is the 13th day of October,

it is Noelle’s  (a.k.a. the other girl under the sun, and my best friend) , 23rd Birthday!

So, I’m officially disregarding the statement above,  because her existence today is a blessing and not just mere luck.

(Before anything else, show Noelle some love and greet her a Happy Birthday, friends!)

Today, as a part of my gift to her, I’m going to share

“13 Things My Best Friend taught Me”

 inspired by the years of our friendship.


1.) She taught me to be generous beyond belief. This trait is innate and being selfless is second nature to her.

If I could enumerate the times she has been generous, I should get started on writing a book.


2.) She taught me that one should always show up as one’s best self.

She programs herself to be 99.9% ready no matter what, and makes sure to leave that .1% of doubt and never look back.


3.) She taught me to stay golden even if you’re broken.

It’s okay. I mean, how else would the light get in?


4.) “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people we have fun with.”

Being friends with Noelle has always inspired me to be the best “me”, and I think that’s what a soulmate is.

Connecting with a person is difficult, and when you find someone that you can talk to easily and share the same vision with,

that’s who your soulmate is—it NEVER is just about romantic partners.


5.) She taught me that no one can be perfect even if we want to be.

We don’t make the right decisions often and we screw things up naturally as humans, and then—especially then,

we should see our darkest hours as the time that would complete our countdown to success.


6.) She taught me to appreciate the little things that make you happy.

Noelle sees happiness in everything that gives light to her being.

May it be treating herself to a large sized cup of milktea,

looking at the sunrise first thing in the morning and praying to God for thanks rather than checking her phone for notifs,

helping a friend in need and more!

It’s the simple little things, really.


7.) “Be soft, kind, and loving. But also, take nobody’s b*llsh*t.”

If you’d ask me to describe her, that would be the exact sentence I’d use.


8.) She taught me to stay focused and realistic.

She constantly reminds me to never lose sight of my goals whenever I get off track.

Also, to keep myself grounded to avoid hurtful outcomes from the expectations I build up in my head. Talk about #iGotchuFam


9.) “Choose to shine even after all the storms you’ve been through.”

Her life has definitely had one monsoons and typhoons after the other,

but even after all the things that tried to break her, she knows that the sun is always within her and she can shine brighter because of it.


10.) She taught me that life is like a book.

Stories are written about everything that happened in your life. From one page to the next, you are not alone.

Yes you have the pen, but God is your co-author.


11.) She taught me that loyal people are fragile.

She’s one of the most loyal people I know and she does everything and anything for her friends and family.

Even after she’s hurt, she still loves.


12.) She taught me that being able to make others happy is a gift, and you must share that gift TO YOU as well.

I know Noelle sees making others happy as the only thing that makes her happy sometimes.

But she never forgets to take care of herself too! I think that’s where she gets all that energy to keep doing it, and I’m grateful for that.


13.) She taught me that “The things that last, are the things that matter.”

I’d give our friendship as an example. We’re running this blog together despite not being in the same city (she’s in Cebu, I’m in Manila).

We didn’t grow apart, we grew closer.

The things that we work on together are the things we think are important.

Like this blog, and especially our friendship.

No matter the distance.


There are many more things Noie has taught me.

To summarize everything, she truly knows what it means to be a friend. A really great best friend in fact.

I consider myself so lucky even though I don’t remember HOW we became friends.

Was it during the P.E classes in College? Or our love for chocolate? Or was it the time when I asked to follow her instagram and she did too?

There are too many memories, and all I can say is that we just clicked.


For the ones reading this, aside from the birthday girl, I know you all have a Noelle in your lives, and if you are friends with her, you know what I’m talking about.

The thirteen things I listed here, you see that in one of your friends too.

That one person you share everything with. The one that knows so much about you.

The one that you can never drift away from.

She’s that one and only.

H a p p y   B i r t h d a y ,  N o i e !

I’m lucky to have met you, and I am even more blessed and grateful to call you one of my best friends.

To quote a song from one of your favorite series,

“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. 

I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before. 

I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too.”

That’s a promise.


Always keep your sunny side up and continue being a ray (rae) of sunshine!



Sofia ♡

1/2 of Two Girls Under the Sun

Your Partner in crime