The Style Under The Sun

Personal style cannot be defined solely by words alone. It can be considered as freedom of expression, an individual form of poetry, and a force that either demands to be dealt with or just simply to be accepted.

Your choice in clothing depends on how your day is going to look. You adjust to the weather and your schedule. Even with all those factors, you can mix and match clothes, but your signature style remains. 

In this blog entry, you’ll get to meet Noelle and Sofia on how they choose how to dress on a regular day, and how two girls can be so different yet also the same.



Two Girls Under The Sun


Flowy skirts and dresses, pocketful of sunshine, comfy sneakers, head in the clouds with the word dreamer written across my forehead, wearing my heart on my sleeve with coffee in one hand and confidence in the other, I pick myself up and I’m ready to go. 


Two Girls Under The Sun

That’s me. That’s Sofia. 


I even have a friend who would tell me that I look very “sofia-y” and I take it as a compliment because it means that they understand my style, that it suits my personality well and that it’s very “me”.


Two Girls Under The Sun


I’d usually choose a skirt and match it with any top I feel like wearing and grab my go-to dirty white sneakers. Sometimes I even grab a jacket just in case it gets chilly. I make sure my outfit for the day will be ready to face the world no matter the weather. Aside from that, my goal right now is to research more on sustainable fashion, slowly incorporate that in my wardrobe, and also to narrow everything down to only keep the clothes i wear all the time and make it as my “uniform”.


Two Girls Under The Sun

Keep in mind that styling yourself should come naturally. After all, you’re dressing yourself for you and only you.



N O E L L E 

Two Girls Under The Sun


I’d rather have a You look so good!” rather than

“I like what you’re wearing” any day. 


It’s no doubt that having pretty clothes are important to every person (including me) but my number one rule in dressing up is to make sure I look good in what I’m wearing.  I don’t care much about trends. What matters to me is if the trends suit me. Call me selfish but when it comes to putting together my day’s ensemble, it should be all about me. After all, it’s a form of self expression, right? 


Two Girls Under The Sun


I don’t have a signature style other than comfortable & feminine. You’d see me in basics, classics & neutrals most of the time, but I love to play around with colors and styles on some days. One thing you would notice from my outfits would be trying to give the illusion that I’m taller than I really am (I am so not btw). It’s a flaw that I’ve learned to accept but some outfits just don’t work, you know? So, I adjust. You’d see me in short shorts, skirts & dresses; skinny jeans or cropped skinny jeans; loose tops with fun and subtly sexy details or statement tees. If all else fails in making me look tall, heels are my saviour. 


Two Girls Under The Sun


I love anything that’s versatile and classy. As you can see with what I’m wearing here, I have on white pieces, a denim, and silver jewellery. I’m wearing these items because I love white, the bottoms are my favorite shorts, and because silver looks better on me than gold does. 


Two Girls Under The Sun


It doesn’t matter what’s trending, I’ll wear whatever looks good on me. Just because everyone’s wearing it, doesn’t mean I should too, right? I love my style and I’m not changing it just to fit in.




Two Girls Under The Sun Two Girls Under The SunON SOFIA:

Powder Blue Cropped Button Down – Let’s Stylize

White A-line Skirt – Reebok

Classic White Sneakers – Superga



Two Girls Under The Sun Two Girls Under The Sun


White Peplum w/ Tie Strap Top – H&M

Denim Shorts – It doesn’t have a brand and I have no idea where my mom got it from.

White Ribbon Slip-on Sandals – For Me

Silver Rose Earrings – Pandora

Flower Chain Bracelet – Tiffany & Co.

Silver and Gold Watch – Tag Heuer





Two Girls Under The Sun


Balai Brunch by Cafe Plus

A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Cebu Ctiy, PH

(Open on Mon-Sun, 6am-12mn)

We love the place so much! Probably from it’s name “Balai” (which means house in Cebuano), it feels like you’re at home. The place inside and outside have a good ambience, and everything including their food is Instagrammable. The breakfast meals we ordered were so tasty, but if you’re not a big eater like us, it’s better to share with who you’re with because they have a big serving. It’s definitely a good place to hang out and chill!

Follow them on Instagram: @balai_brunch_by_cafeplus 🙂



Well, I guess that’s a wrap! As always, we hope you enjoyed this blog. If there’s any topic you want us to blog about then don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Before you go, let us leave you with a fashion advice we hope you want to read:


“Dress appropriately. Loving your body means embracing flaws while flaunting your assets. Also, think of “dressing up” as a friend-finding mission. Make them look twice, but never let them think twice of wanting to be friends with you. “
– Sofia Saldana


“ Trends come and go. Invest in classics! ”  -Noelle Salvador

Always keep your sunny side up!


Sofia & Noelle ♡
Two Girls Under The Sun