The Calm in Uncertainty

Staying home for months has surely changed our lives in a number of ways. Oddly enough for us many things too have stayed the same.

Our time in isolation helped us find the calm in uncertainty. 🤍

Here’s to acknowledging the fact that what separates everyone from each other is nothing but luck, and we must try our best to extend the help we can give.

As we helped others in our little ways, this is our way to help ourselves cope.
Days with #2GirlsUnderTheSun is our attempt to share some light✨ in what seems to be a never ending dark tunnel of a year.

days with sof

“I’ve always been grateful of my relationships with family and friends. They help me survive life’s most challenging times and I make sure to be there for them too.”

“There are days I wake up and feel excited about work. . . It’s weird! 🤷‍♀️ I prepare my coffee and get some work done. I constantly remind myself that everybody’s best is different. This allows me to be more patient with others and especially with myself.”

“Time at home kinda forced me to look into my life knowing there’s familiarity in all this…

placing happiness in the center of our goals

and realizing you’ll need people more than anything else.

days with noelle

In this difficult time, I live for days when coffee & music relaxes me,

when work feels easy,

when I feel creative and when aesthetics keep me company.

I live for days when video calls keep me sane,
when I have the energy to stand up when I’m down,

when I spill the tea with a friend,

when I read about life and be reminded that
everything’s gonna be okay.


Darker days are inevitable. It makes us feel tired and unmotivated, sometimes we don’t want to move.

And that’s okay.
Forgive yourself for that and try again the next day.

Remind yourself that you are strong. Brighter days are coming. It’s just that we have to go through this storm to appreaciate the sunny days ahead.


Until then, keep your sunny side up!


Sofia and Noelle
Two Girls Under The Sun