Table for 3 at Sakura Hanami 🌸✨

From Manila’s busy streets, to Japan’s sakura blossoms real quick!

Sofia, Pauline and I just couldn’t start our Saturday without our much needed milk tea fix. Sakura Hanami did a really good job in helping start our day right. It’s the perfect treat for our mini reunion!

I’m really happy to see them both!!!
(Insert me na lang guys, I was on documentation duties 😂)

When I arrived the cafe, I was instantly in love with their pink and floral design and even more so when I tasted my milk tea order!

🌸 For those who don’t know, Hanami means “flower viewing”. It’s the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers (“hana“). 🌸

That’s exactly what Sakura Hanami embodied in their cozy cafe. They really lived up to their name with all the pretty warm lights, pink flowers and beautiful aesthetic.

Our orders were the signature Hanami Dream Milk Tea (Sofia and Pau) and the Okinawa Roasted Milk Tea (mine).

Hanami Dream Milk Tea

Sakura Hanami is clearly a very Instagrammable place, as you can see in our photos. Everywhere you look, it’s really pretty — even their comfort room! You really can’t leave the place without taking even just one photo for the ‘gram. 😍

In the afternoon of that same day, we visited another IG-worthy cafe: Satchmi!
Check out the blog post here! ☕)

My drink was so good, I barely had any left for my photo set!

Just a heads up, there’s limited space. When the place is packed, you might have a hard time getting that 10/10 photo you’ve wanted to take. So if you want to snap a photo without anyone else, go early! As soon as the clock strikes 11am, they’re ready to serve you. ✨

Have you tried Sakura Hanami? If not, they are located at Maginhawa Street. You can just use Waze and it will lead you right at their doorstep! Visit them now and let us know what you think!

Until then, always keep your sunny side up!


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