Growing Closer While Miles Apart: 8 Ways to Keep The Friendship During Quarantine

In 2018, one of us (@sofia 😊) moved back to her home city— so it has been a little over two years of making the long distance friendship (LDF) thing work. Sofia is now back in Manila, while Noelle remains in Cebu.

It’s tough not having each other in one city anymore because that means no more sleepovers and whole day chikas over milk tea or coffee. Don’t even get us started on running this blog while fighting the distance.


If there’s anything the years of being friends taught us, it’s knowing the importance of taking care of the people who show you lifetime friendships are real and true.
The people who are right for you will find you and meet you halfway. Always.

Now that meeting up for early morning coffee dates are not an option anymore (given the distance and the world’s current situation), here’s how we keep our long distance friendship alive, and why we intend to keep it that way 💕:

  • One Chat Away 💌

Initiate a conversation. If something exciting happens in your life, you really want to let your best friend know about it and spill the tea right away!
By now, you’re familiar with each other’s communication styles—some may want to chat everyday, while others don’t, and that’s okay! You can still have deep convos, send memes, share relatable quotes any day, any time ✨

  • Book lovers Club: Recommend what to read 📚

Fortunately, we are book lovers at heart. But we aren’t strangers to buying lots of books, attempt to start reading and never really reach the end 😂 As for the books that we loved, we immediately recommend it to the other. We either send the e-book, or buy a copy!
Stories from books create a shared connection with anyone who reads it. We get inspiration and gain a new found respect for life.

  • Playlist sharing 🎶

If you’re not into reading books, you can always turn to songs for comfort.
As the poets say (lol not really) , good friends send song recos without waiting for them to ask and they actually listen to the songs you send😉
There’s no greater joy than to discover new tunes to be played on loop until you get sick of hearing the same 5 songs on your playlist.

  • Join a guided meditation group 🧘‍♀️

We joined a guided meditation group that gives unique tasks each day for 21 days.
It’s so calming and freeing to be able to do it together.
We tracked down our behaviors and called ourselves out.
It was a safe space for us to evaluate how we treat people and how willing we are to forgive in order to heal.
In the process, we were able to just breathe, and realize how relationships can only work if you make sure to look after yourself too.

  • Netflix Party is the only kind of party we can all go to (for now) 📺

Organize watch parties with friends! You get to watch new movies or series together and you can also chat while the movie’s playing. (Sometime’s we even coordinate our snacks! 🤭) Kinda like the same feeling as going to the cinemas with your best buds, minus the need to lessen the loud chatter.

  • Sanity break: Appreciate solitude and stillness

Every now and then, relax and just be with your fave cup of tea or coffee. Sure, being alone with your thoughts is the scariest place to be in because there’s nothing to distract you.
How does this help our friendships, you ask? Well, life is crazy! You need time alone to figure things out and take a break.
Your friends will understand as they need it too.
When the right people are in your life, you feel less afraid. Even a little time away won’t let your dynamic grow strange. You’ll still be there for each other the same way.

  • Calls you always answer 📞

Video calling friends is cool. It’s the next best thing to catching up in person and a way to keep things close with your chosen family.
We honestly dislike calls in general 😅 but it takes our anxiety away when it’s scheduled ahead!
With all that’s happened, it’s difficult to find the right words to say, that’s why it pays to just listen.
Try to be there when it counts.
Start with giving them a call—you’ll feel like you are able to achieve anything with their love and support.

  • From me to you, with love: Surprise them with mini gifts 🎁

Sending gifts to people far away has been made so convenient now — all thanks to online stores and couriers. We try to narrow the wide gap between us by sending little gifts randomly throughout the year. Knowing us, it is a given that the gifts we give are aesthetically pleasing because we know there will be an artsy photo that will follow. (For the ‘gram 😉)

Since March, we’re all suddenly in long distance relationships. But I feel like it’s more agonizing than before because we’re all in on place but we can’t even meet up. We can even be in the same room but six feet apart. This pandemic (or this whole year rather) is really testing us in ways we never ever imagined.

And in this case, maintaining relationships despite the strict implementions.

Here we are on our nth blog, trying to stay active and artsy as usual. In the past 2 years of this LDF , we learned that we don’t have to fight the distance; we have to embrace it instead.
It was about learning to accept we’re miles apart and letting go of what was to work around what is.

Showing our love and care for someone has changed this year. Instead of driving an hour to meet up, we surprise them through deliveries. Instead of joining the party, you sing a happy birthday via video call. Instead of watching a movie in the mall, you Netflix Party together instead.

So tell us, how do you show love the 2020 way?

Always keep your sunny side up!


Sofia and Noelle
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