Satchmi Vinyl & Coffee 📀☕️

Years after graduating, we still try to get in touch with our closest friends in college. And after what feels like forever of not seeing each other + the combined efforts of us trying to adult, here we are—subtly failing already on a weekend, making sure to get our morning coffee, despite the fact that it’s 4pm. 💁🏽‍♀️

I dragged Noelle, Pauline, and Tito Rae🧂to Satchmi—the place where I drop off my film rolls via Sunny16. (it’s a new hobby I recently got into and I have no regrets 📸🎞 TY to my werqmates) It’s a cafe and a vinyl record store that also sells film rolls for old-school cameras.

It has such a calm vibe and people go there to spend time with friends and family, to study, or to just be by themselves to enjoy time in solitude.

Both the Cappuccino and the Milk based Cold brew selects were too strong for our taste! So for sweet lovers out there, you better ask for sugar/creamer for this one. 🧚🏼‍♀️

It’s so interesting to see how many people appreciate vinyl, good coffee and still use film cameras! ♥️ We got to catch up (very tired from all the walking since morning) but knowing it’s our only day with Noelle, we made most of our time there. And Satchmi was definitely a good choice. 💆🏽‍♀️

Satchmi 4pm Kape Club

Even when our college days are over, we’re so grateful we have the kind of friendship where we don’t dread our plans to meet up and it’s always fun to be around with each other.

Back then, we used to always hang out at every coffee shop we can find and all the milk tea places near us! (we visited Sakura Hanami on the same day too, check it out here 🌸)

Here’s to reliving memories—good and bad! As long as you have the best ones with you, you’ll realize that it’s the simplest things in life (such as music, coffee, and photographs) can keep you going. ✨

Always keep your sunny side up,


Sofia and Noelle

Two Girls Under the Sun