Quarantine Favorites: Small Businesses in Cebu

Every day since the quarantine, I see a new small business get tagged by my friends. I check them out and follow them without hesitation. I just think it’s the right thing to do, especially at a time like this.

So this blog post is dedicated to the ones I discovered and/or tried buying from.

I hope you find this helpful!

The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are the shops I tried buying from.


YES. That word alone can tell you that I love their cookies and I think I already tasted all the cookie flavors. They’re all so good! A couple of my friends also tried buying from them because of me and they said they like it too!

*The CheezKen
I’m sure everyone knows this! The CheezKen a.k.a Cheesecake by Ken is the first to offer home baked assorted cheesecakes in Metro Cebu. I love the concept of having more than one flavor in a cake so this made me really happy. My favorite is the Oreo Cheesecake and the Chocolate Truffle 😋 How about you?

A Filipino-favorite delicacy is just a dm away. Bikko mixes a modern twist to the classic biko that keeps you wanting more. This is made with a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s reeeally gooood 😋

Here’s another cookie recommendation: Dolcebu’s classic chocolate cookies! I have also tried their double chocolate chip, which is just as good. They also have other products on their menu so check them out 🙂

*Chocolate Cakes by Nicole
The dream cake is *chef’s kiss*! Believe it or not, I bought 5 dream cakes for Father’s Day and all the Dads I gave them to were very happy. Even I couldn’t stop eating it, I wish I bought another can on standby. (Bye, diet.)

*Jam’s Homemade Goodies
I’ve tried buying from them so many times and their goodies never disappoint! I have tried most of their cookie flavors and it’s so good, one box isn’t enough. However, there are times when they don’t accept orders because the owner is busy with med school but give them a follow so you can stay updated!

Lucy’s Cakes and Pastries
If I’m not mistaken, the business is handled by siblings who use their mom’s recipes to make these pastries 🥺💓 They have revel bars, fudgy brownies, Japanese cakes, chunky cookies and mango float!

Del’s Cookies
Her chocolate chip cookies and Hershey’s cookies are everywhere. Pro tip: reserve a slot in advance!

Ban’s Pastry Projects
People are crazy about their red velvet cookies! Other than that, they also offer other treats like cookies, egg tarts, and cinnamon buns.

Veggie Tah Bai
If you’re in need of veggies but can’t go out, send them a message!

The Skinny Baker
You have to get your customized cakes here, it’s guaranteed pretty AND tasty. Her cakes are always on point and very IG-worthy. Just check out her Instagram!

Butter by TSB
This is a sub-brand of The Skinny Baker focusing on baked goods like cookies and brownies.

Satisfy your cravings for Oreo Truffles, Napoleones, cookies, and a lot more from SBakes!

Idk about you but this quarantine is making me crave Lechon, especially during birthdays. If you’re like me, my friend sells and delivers lechon orders within Cebu. Hit her up!

Food in a Bottle
Here’s your go-to-shop for interesting-but-delish savory treats. They offer Gourmet Dried Herring (tuyo), Special Gourmet Sinantolan (Ginataang Santol), and Special Gourmet Laing! Hmm, the Gourmet Sinantolan seems really interesting, what do you think?


*Coffee By Alli
Get your coffee fix here 🤎 You can choose from the following: Batangas Blend, Pure Arabica and Pure Liberica Coffee. It’s available in ground coffee or whole bean coffee. I made my own cold white brew using their Batangas Blend and it tastes like something I usually order from coffee shops! (char)

*Linear Coffee Roasters
Speaking of cold white brew, I really love the one from Linear. It’s not too sweet and not too creamy which is perfect for me.

*The Good Cup Coffee Company
I also tasted their cold white brew. It’s a bit strong for me, but it’s still really good!


*Pisces Jewelry
Elevate any outfit with a touch of gold and silver. Take your pick from Pisces Jewelry! I got Sofia’s personalized necklace from here and it soooo pretty.

You can choose the length, chain, tone, and font.


*The Goody Goods
You probably have room goals pinned on your Pinterest boards, well now’s the time to turn that into reality. Shop all your aesthetic needs here! I bought those led lights that are popular on Tiktok for my brother’s room and it’s a really good buy!

It’s such a vibe, right?

By Elle
This should be your go-to shop for customized bouquets and gypsophila needs. It’s so cute, especially for that floral, vintage or picnic vibe!

Balay Disenyo
This is a shop for all your home decor needs! You can get weaved baskets, plant stands, ceramic pots and a lot more.

Mesitas Home & Living
Calling all plant moms, you can shop all the planters you didn’t know you needed right here. Their handwoven baskets come in different designs to choose from and they all look so pretty!

*The Mood PH
Let’s support our local artists who create handmade items like scented candles, clay trinkets and artisan soaps! I got their scented candles in lavender bergamot and vanilla lace, as well as their vanilla rose charcoal soap. I love the mild smell and pretty aesthetic!


*Buff Illustrations
Get cute stickers, poster cards and digital portraits here! What’s great about this is that a portion of her sales goes to charity. We stan a generous artist! 💛 Speaking of generous, Buff Illustrations recently hosted a giveaway and I was one of the winners!

*Art by KPMR
Art by KPMR creates minimal digital portraits, logos and business cards. I got my one of my photos done and here it is!!

Maesthetic Studio
This artist specializes in digital illustrations for Architecture and Interior Design! Check out her Instagram to see her work. By the way, she’s a licensed Architect so slide into her dm’s if you have any questions.

MNC. Architecture
Similar to Maesthetic Studio, the artist behind MNC Architecture is also a licensed Architect. She caters to architectural plans and design needs; DM her if you need any help!


LinoThings PH
Stay safe, but make it cute.
You will stand out with these unique lino printed face masks for sure. Just a heads up, they sell out fast so stay updated for restocks and new designs/products!

*Masked Cebu
Embrace the new normal and stay safe by always having masks on hand! Masked Cebu sells KN95 Masks with many different designs. They also have handheld uvc sterilizer, mask storage, ear savers, nano mists and a lot more. Check them out!


Aria Essentials
Hi titas, essential oils are waving 👋 Ariä essentials are all-natural, pure and chemical free oil blends. Make sure you have at least one of these in your bag!


Tarpauline Services Cebu
Celebrate small things using big tarps! They accept layout and printing services within Cebu City to make your celebrations more special.

(Photo from Pinterest)

I hope to see more local businesses flourish soon! And if ever you’re planning on starting one, know that a stranger like me is rooting for you❣️

Always keep your sunny side up!


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