My Home Away From Home

P A R A D I S E   F O U N D . 



Standing at the near end of Northern Cebu is our family rest house with beautiful beach front. A road trip of three hours feels like stepping into a completely different world where stress does not exist.

This is my favourite place — you will see tall coconut trees, 360-view of the sky, feel the cool breeze, and  hear the soothing sound of the sea waves.

It’s where I disconnect to connect.


No stress, no wifi, and no social media.



It’s a perfect time and place to do the things you can’t seem to do in the city! Yoga by the beach, drink fresh coconut, breathe in fresh air.

What I love to do when I’m here is to go to the beach front, fall in a trance staring at the view and listen to the waves crashing into the shore. It’s how I empty my mind.

Sometimes, I think, reflect and/or pray.


Celebrate. Escape. Keep calm.

To me, not only is this an abode of serenity. Our rest house is also a place of unity, bringing people together.

Whatever the season and whatever the reason — birthday, sembreak, boredom, summer vacation, family bonding, friends outing or when there are visitors — we’re here.



If there’s one thing in my life I can’t let go of, it would be this rest house. It’s my go-to-escapade and it’s the best blessing that my grandfather worked so hard for.

I grew up here.

I played in the sand, I swam from 9am-3pm (stopping only to eat, thus my dark skin colour growing up), I chased crabs and collected seashells.



It’s the best beach I’ve known all my life. 




So to my home away from home for 23 years, I love you always.

Always keep your sunny side up!



the other girl under the sun