Life Update: BCBA 2020

“How are you?”

Simple question, hard to answer. But it’s also a question that needs to be asked now more than ever. At this point, are we all really okay?? 👀 No one really ever gets a straight answer because it takes a lot of energy to summarize all our feelings and what we’ve been through, so we just end up saying we are ‘fine‘. But in 2020, we have to take a step back, reflect on life, and think of ways to be better than just fine. (we owe it to ourselves!)

While you think of your answer, we might as well give you guys a little life update that no one asked for.


So, do you remember our quarantine blog, “Growing Closer While Miles Apart“? We submitted that to Best Cebu Blog Awards in the hopes of becoming one of the finalists. By October, it was announced that we were one of the finalists under the Best Quarantine Blog Category! We were so excited, we already felt like we won. Voting ended by Halloween and it was a waiting game since then.

(Read announcement blog here.)

Thank you to everyone who voted! We appreciate you so much. Your messages and screenshots are saved for remembrance. 💛

Fast forward to November 20, it was a pretty hectic time that we forgot it was the announcement day. And guess what, we won! We did it, friends!

Photos from Best Cebu Blogs Awards website.

This is the closest we can get to having a picture with the award together. Thanks, Zoom.

Prizes include a trophy, Starbucks merch and PayMaya Credits (not in picture).

Thank you again to BCBA, the sponsors and to all of the readers of supporters of local bloggers! Congratulations as well to the other winners, and to all the finalists! Keep on creating 💛

This precious little memory is filed under “the few good things in 2020”. It’s probably not much to others but it truly makes us smile.

Not to be cliché, but this was really unexpected. We didn’t think we would be qualified to even be a finalist but here we are. The takeaway from this experience is, “you won’t know unless you try.” So if you are contemplating about going for something you aren’t sure about, just try. What’s yours is yours.

And to answer the question about how we are, we’re a little stressed but generally okay. (This award definitely helped lift up our spirits.) At the end of the day, when the world is quiet and we recall the good things like this, we can only feel grateful to be blessed in so many ways despite the unpleasant things around us. Just trust that everything will be okay.

Always keep your sunny side up!


Noelle & Sofia
Two Girls Under The Sun