How to make: Dalgona Coffee

“Sometimes it’s just you and your iced coffee against the world.”

I can’t go a day without a cup of coffee—maybe even two! Weirdly enough, the task of making coffee gives me hope (may it be false), and it helps me overcome the hardest part of the day… a.k.a getting up in the morning 😬

I gotta admit, I’m very scared to look up the dangers of consuming caffeine on the daily so I’m just gonna focus on the bright side.

Coffee helps me feel less stressed and it instantly puts me in a pleasant mood. 💛

Now that most of us are working from home, I have to say that it doesn’t hit as hard as having to rush to work with the possibility that you will be late but YOU JUST HAVE TO stop by your fave cafe and risk it.

On that note, with all the time you have at home, I’m gonna share with you how I got to promote myself with the status= amateur barista level: GOD.

dalgona coffee essentials

the first few times, i used white sugar, but by the 4th attempt, i figured that brown sugar tasted way better! So feel free to use which sugar you want ☺️

this step will help you get gainzzz 😂 using the whisk will take forever! So the ones with hand mixers at home, you guys are lucky!

once you’re done mixing, you can now add ice in to the cup/glass that will hold your sanity and coffee together

regular fresh milk was my only option at home and it tasted good with the coffee! I’ll try to add oat milk next time.

viola! YA DID IT 💁🏻‍♀️

There you have it, friends! Your very own dalgona coffee or the upside down cappuccino. You can opt to make this when the 3-in-1 coffee packs start to taste really weird (especially when you drink it everyday! Lol)

brb! Gotta go to work now 👩🏻‍💻

Always keep your sunny side up!

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