How It Started vs. How It’s Going (Best Cebu Blog Awards 2020)

Two years into blogging, we finally found the courage to let more people know about our content. It’s pretty nerve-wracking to be honest. It’s not easy putting yourself in a place where you can be criticized (without hesitation) and be compared to many others who already MADE IT.

Two Girls Under The Sun was — and still is a passion project— our ‘one day’ to ‘day one’ dream.
It’s our creative outlet to aid our sanity, which we hope would entertain other people as well. We are independent bloggers who create content for the sake of creating. It’s real and it’s us. You can think of it as an online diary about our friendship, with a glimpse of light and warmth in every story we choose to share.


So who would’ve thought that we would make it in the list of finalists alongside other talented bloggers? BCBA 2020 was honestly not in our timeline this year. It was a spontaneous decision that screamed, “go for it”! Seeing this unfold slowly before our eyes had us reminiscing back to 2017 in Starbucks Axis, when we brainstormed how we wanted our blog to be. That was us pursuing the ‘one day’ of our passion project.

Now, we’re proud to see this project growing to be some people’s go-to blog for some feel-good content. Our (long-distance) friendship, our dynamic and our creativity is what makes this blog alive. 

We always tell each other that we have to keep on creating. We can never truly say when and how the things we make will relate to someone’s life but there’s magic in trying. Hoping it can actually mean something to them— even on the content that we think is just ‘okay’ or at the ones we have doubts on posting can have a great impact on the right person reading it. 

We hope that it’s safe to say our ‘day one’ is everytime we blog about life in general. Full of motivation, positivity, or the lack thereof—just talking about the real stuff.


If you’re not familiar with BCBA, it’s an annual awarding ceremony for Cebu-based bloggers. It’s the only and pioneering award-giving body that recognizes blogs, bloggers, social media influencers and movers in Cebu’s blogosphere.

Best Cebu Blog Awards was founded back in the year 2008 by Mark Monta, and was later joined by other organizers. Current active members include the founder, Mark Monta ; volunteers Geezelle Tapangan-Maningo ; and Cebu-based Judge, Ms. Nancy Cudis-Ucag.

If it were not for BCBA, we wouldn’t not have known that there is a whole community of bloggers in Cebu. It’s amazing that they promote Cebu blogs and bloggers, a part of society that deserves recognition for their talent and dedication to their craft.


Making it as one of the finalists is already heartwarming enough for us. We are truly grateful for all this —  the people supporting us, the organizers, and of course to the sponsors and partners of BCBA 2020 who made this event possible.

Mark your calendars because winners will be announced on December 5, 2020, on BCBA’s official website,, and on their  official Facebook Page.

P.S. You can vote for us here if you haven’t yet!

Always keep your sunny side up!


Noelle and Sofia
Two Girls Under The Sun