Here’s How You Can Support Local!

I’m not kidding when I say that I once wished that there’d be a way for me to find all local entrepreneurs in Cebu. I wanted something that would make easier for me to buy and support people from my hometown.

Now, that wish actually came true in the form of Let’s Eat Bai!


Let’s Eat Bai! (LEB) is a digital platform created back in 2017 where food enthusiasts come together. This Facebook group was made with a goal to share what’s on your plate to create awareness and support for our local food industry.

Two months in to the quarantine life, we are all forced to find other ways for our life to continue — hence, the “new normal” :

  • mandatory safety protocols
  • road checkpoints
  • limited people allowed to go out
  • closing of physical stores/establishments
  • online selling & deliveries

These are just some of the new normal things in the world and as you can probably tell, businesses are greatly affected. Some of these are the only livelihood of the Filipinos.


That said, the popularity of of Let’s Eat Bai! shoot up and just hit 100, 000 members with more than 500 sellers!

The whole community is composed of market vendors, restaurant owners, home chefs, food manufacturers, suppliers, and many others. This new platform helped pave the way for Cebuanos to experience the convenience of e-commerce and learn how to use various delivery apps and do cashless transactions.

Personally, what I really like about this community is that it’s more than just business and supporting the food industry, it’s about giving Cebuanos a way of life in this difficult time. It’s allowing businesses to continue operations (with caution) so people won’t have to lose their jobs. It’s about letting business owners earn income to provide salaries for their employees when they need it the most. It’s all about helping each other.


Something this amazing makes us curious as to who is the great mastermind behind this supportive community. I was lucky enough to get in touch with the one and only, JP Chiongbian.

“When the quarantine was announced on March 16, I posted about food entrepreneurs who had provided fresh vegetables, eggs, and even ngohiong. This was essentially the first ripple that eventually cascaded into the expansive social directory that Let’s Eat Bai® has grown to become. “

Being the go-to source of quality food in the city, they are constantly looking for ways on how to improve. He gathered a team to manage the postings, membership and the inquiries. Then they created community guidelines and a system for all members to follow. People could even browse through their Food Directory that is regularly updated.

Now, JP and his team is currently working on a mobile app which will be launched soon. This is their way to serve Cebuanos faster and better while following the city’s safety protocols. All these are done to give every member the best experience with LEB.

There’s no other perfect time than now to support each other, the Cebuano entrepreneurs and our local food industry. Be a part of Let’s Eat Bai!

I believe that only by working together in unity that we can overcome this situation we are all in, and that is what LEB is about — helping one another to connect all members to the online food supply while maintaining a harmonious community. Stay safe and stay united Cebu! Welcome to Let’s Eat Bai!

Special thanks to sir JP Chiongbian for taking the time to answer my questions!
More power to you and Let’s Eat Bai! ☺️

Stay safe, everyone.

Always keep your sunny side up!


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