Happy Birthday to Us

“We’re the hundredth blogger you’ve met.”

“Have you ever been noticed for doing something you just enjoyed doing? It feels nice right? Before, we took photos just for the sake of having something to post online.”

“To blog was something we have never thought of doing, but the decision to go for it and give it a try was brought to us by our friends.”


These are some lines taken from our introduction post, just a year ago for Two Girls Under the Sun.

Yes friends, it’s our birthday and we turn ONE today!!!


Looking back on one full year of planning, creative talks, kidding around, doubts, frustrations, life chats, exciting dreams and goals that were shared, all seems so unreal.

Aside from both of us having a good dynamic and friendship that makes it easy,

it’s YOU, our friends who make it even more special.


We both said once before, that we wanted to blog so that we could share our stories, photos, ideas and thoughts and dump everything on this online diary. But eventually, it became so much more than just posting these online. It’s about sharing our passion to others and connecting with readers through words and photos.


Both of us are aware that starting a blog only last year was and still is risky. For the amount of bloggers then and now, who even knows who’ll make it, right? We’re not even sure if we could, but we never know if we won’t try so here we are.

To be honest, it’s hard and the struggle is real. There are times when we couldn’t keep up with the goals we set up for ourselves just to post content and create some buzz. On the other hand, it’s also such a challenge to juggle our 9-5 job or house errands with the things we have to do for the blog. Also, imagine our struggle with our mini- sariling sikap- photo shoots! To top it all off, we are experiencing a long distance friendship.

Man, no wonder I’m starting to have wrinkles! LOL. – N

And don’t even get me started on the frequent pimple breakouts. -S


Jokes (and stress) aside, we’re proud of ourselves. What we gained from running this blog for a year now is resilience, determination and consistency.  We keep posting even when only a few is reading. We continue dreaming and doing even if it’s sometimes tiring. And we’re still writing even when we have to rack our brains out just to blog something.


So, happy birthday to us!

Here’s to a striving blog and a long distance friendship, and cheers to you for being one of our inspirations to keep going. With that said, it wouldn’t be a celebration if we didn’t have a little giveaway!

We decided to give a small box of a few of our favourite things to two of our readers that have always been so supportive since DAY 1. Both of us scouted some of our favourite items that we thought you might enjoy as well!



If you’ve been following us for a while now, you probably know how much we love stationery, skin care essentials, and fairy lights. So that’s exactly what we put in the box, sealed with love and gratitude from us!




To everyone reading, thank you thank you thank you so much for being a part of our passion. We hope you continue to stay with us here as we grow.


Always keep your sunny side up!


Sofia & Noelle

Two Girls Under The Sun