Coffee + Contemplation at Nicto’s

Better days—

Meet Hanna: she is one of my best friends in elementary school and we still remain close up to this day.

A little back story: we were only classmates for two years (1st and 2nd grade) right up until she had to move to London. We lost touch for a couple of years because we didn’t have any form of communication back then.

And thank God she sent me a message on facebook when we were in College already! I mean IMAGINE! We were able to meet up back in 2016 when she visited Cebu and it was so nostalgic. ✨ It’s like we never lost touch. I’m so grateful we got to hang out this year as well.

Our conversations were overflowing. Some were light and some were pretty intense. Talking about life with your childhood friend hits so close to home. That’s just me being sappy but I’m 100% sure you know what I mean. 💌

We spent hours in that cafe! We ordered coffee, had lunch, and ordered our second round of drinks!
We contemplated about our life choices and talked about where we think we’ll be in the next few years. We talked about her love life, and my lack thereof 😂 .

What we ordered:


☕️ Nicto’s Holiday Cup- P150 cold

☕️ Latte with Marshmallow Syrup- P150 cold


🥣 Wild C- P135

🥣 Adobo Flex- P145


🍵 Matcha Latte- P130 cold

☕️ Latte- P130 cold

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One thing’s for sure, no matter where we are in life, we always know that we will never run out of better days to look back on and have ones to look forward to.

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Always keep your sunny side up!



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