LANY Live in Manila 2018

Up until now, I still can’t believe I was there.



April 6, 2018, 8pm at the Araneta Coliseum, Manila — I was there, under one big roof with many other fans and the three amazing guys whose album is now at the top of my Spotify favorites.

I was there to witness their overflowing passion for music and the love for all the people who support them.

Now I understand why people are willing to spend money for their most loved artist. There is a remarkable difference between listening to their music from the records and seeing & hearing them perform live. With Lany, it was memorable.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking, yeah? Enjoy!

Two Girls Under The Sun

Lany opened with the first song on their album, Dumb Stuff. As the sound of the rain consumed the venue, the crowd grew excited and shouted louder by the minute. Of course, that included me. By the end Dumb Stuff, my throat already hurt.

Two Girls Under The Sun

Lucky VIP people got to see them up close and even held Paul’s hand! If standing for a long time wasn’t very tiring, I’d be there front and center.

Pero ehh, napapagod ang lola niyo dai. Hahaha 🙂



Two Girls Under The Sun

Photo credits to Ethel Aparri on this one. Hi Ethel! 


Plot twist! Lany suprised everyone by showing up on a little stage set up at the back of the VIP standing area. I love that they did this. I’m not really sure, but I think it’s supposed to give the people at the back a chance to see them up close as well. It was so thoughtful of them!

Lany only sang one song on the mini stage and they were singing 13. It was beautiful!



Two Girls Under The Sun

I loved how their passion for what they do shined through. (To my friends reading this, I’m not being char ha, this is true!!) Each of them are so so talented and I’m so happy I’ve witnessed everything. And please just let me say this, Paul is dreamy. Yep, gwapo gyud siya, ok. Jake and Les were so chill yet still rocking the stage with Paul.


Ugh, I can’t believe it’s over. I seriously can’t wait for their next album and next concert!!!


Two Girls Under The Sun

Oh yeah, did I mention that Paul’s dance moves were adorably cool? It makes the crowd go crazy and it’s awesome. It was also so sweet of him to make his way to every inch of the stage so he could see as many people as he can, near and far. And when he talks, you know he is sincerely grateful for being where they are, how far they’ve come, and for all the people who love them and their music. I wish Jake and Les had more speaking lines as well but it’s fine 🙂


Hopefully next time we can hear even just a little bit from them too!

Two Girls Under The Sun

And here we are, the end of Lany’s Day 2 in Manila.


Before I close, I’d just like to say that this memorable night wouldn’t be as fun without these people!!


Two Girls Under The Sun

First photo (L-R): Me, Jeremiah, Krystelle, Nina, and Ethel. Unfortunately, we had different seats but it was fun nonetheless! Krystelle and I book Patron B tickets, Jeremiah and Nina were at the Upperbox section, and Ethel and her friend Lou (not in the photo) were luckily in the VIP standing area.


Third photo (L-R): Me, Krystelle, Nica, and Tita Melai (her mom). They’re our new found friends from Davao! We had so much fun talking and laughing. We even made a friend who turns out to be a basketball player. They are such a beautiful mother and daughter tandem. We hope to see them again next time! I guess it’s safe to say that Lany brought us together. Hahaha




Lany is  perfect! April 6, 2018 was a night to remember. This day was the best day of my 2018 so far. It’s definitely one for the books.

After the concert, I listened to their album almost everyday for two weeks and remembering everything about the concert. “Post Concert Depression” is what my friend, Jilianne, calls it. (Hi Jil) I just listened to their music. I didn’t even care to watch my concert videos because I’m just gonna be sad again knowing that the concert is done. That’s the reason I posted a blog about it only now. That “PCD” hit me hard. I still get kilig when a Lany song plays randomly.


Here’s to one thing off my bucket list now.

Bucket list #8: To go to a concert of  a band I really like.


The End.

*Photos were edited using Lightroom and Unfold.


Always keep your sunny side up and your Lany song loud!


Noelle ♡

the other girl under the sun