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📍Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

The world turns so fast and time just seem to fly past us.

The city you love is just so busy, and so are your friends and family.


Suddenly feeling you need another day between Saturday and Sunday, and wishing Mondays can be shorter and your coffee be 2x stronger.



If you’re thinking of a place to chill out, sit down and have coffee with a friend, or bond with your family here in Manila, this dainty (and hidden) cafe is the best option!



Flossom Kitchen + Cafe’s ambience is so airy, light and homey!

The location is truly hidden, but you can immediately spot it because of its simple white structure that still stands out.

Because of its perfect atmosphere, you can’t seem to mind the time passing as you sip through your coffee and yummy food, thinking to yourself, this is your new quiet neighbourhood escape.



I opted for the Cafe Latte, and it’s just my right type of blend! Not too sweet, and will still give you that wake-me-up boost with a happy vibe!

For my meal, I tried the Avocado Toast! So basic, yet so good. Made with mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, poached egg and the dressing!

My friend, Pauline, chose the Bacon Carbonara paired with iced tea and it was oh too good not to finish!

(See what’s on the Menu )



Also, the Instagrammer in you would be satisfied for the place has lots of cute corners to take photos in!

I wish you good luck, as you wait for your turn for taking photos at their multiple flower walls!



I honestly cannot wait to go back!


Cafes like Flossom Kitchen + Cafe, always make me happy and delighted! Your experience from the ambience to food and your company will be so memorable all because of the well thought of details of the place, make it perfect!


Trust me, friends! I recommend you to go drive up to this cafe and just have relaxed fun and eat up with a loved one!


Hustle and treat yo self.

But first, COFFEE, and then the world!



📍Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

N. Averilla, San Juan City, Manila ,Philippines





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Always keep your sunny side up!


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note: word art ‘change the world, start with coffee‘ is from Pinterest- pls call me out if you know who made it. would love to credit the artist properly 💕