Are You Ready For A New Colour Trend?


In the past few months, news broke out that there’s a new color trend that’s ready to take the world by storm by 2020. It’s a futuristic and close to nature kind of hue that takes on after the Millennial Pink and the Gen Z Yellow — it’s called the Neo Mint.

Trend forecasters, WGSN, predicted that this fresh tone will bring the trends to new heights as it elevates almost anything it’s incorporated with.


For you, is it a yay or nay?


Two Girls Under The Sun


Two years ago, I remember being in Hong Kong shopping at an Adidas outlet store. My mom and I were in the middle of choosing some new kicks to buy and there I was holding a light pink Stan Smith Primeknit on my left hand, and a mint green on the other.

Millennial pink was at the dawn of its popularity at that time and I was so tempted to buy the pink one since the color was on trend, but there was something about this minty hue that got my eyes locked on it. I let go of the pink one and brought home my new “Neo Mint” Adidas Stan Smith.


Two Girls Under The Sun


Being a girly girl, (blush) pink is my fave color but I also love other pastel colors like powder blue and pale yellow. This mint green, a.k.a neo mint, was also one of my adored hues and I’d like to take this opportunity to declare that I already like this hue before it became a trend. Although I’m not quite ready to let go of Millennial Pink and I have yet to embrace the Gen Z Yellow, I am so ready for Neo Mint to come around!


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Anyways, here’s what reports have to say about this futuristic hue:

“When it comes to a colour for 2020, Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonises science and technology with nature. It has a cool, futuristic tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature.”WGSN Insider, 2018

It’s the perfect balance between nature and tech”Highsnobiety, 2018

“Neo mint is joined by four other soft colours in WGSN’s forecast for spring and summer 2020. They are purist blue, cassis – a deep fusion of pink and purple, cantaloupe – described as a milky subdued tone with broad appeal, and an earthy baked hue called mellow yellow.” Dezeen, 2018


(Check out the four other 2020 colors here in WGSN's Key Color Evolution)


S/S 20 - WGSN

Photo from WGSN


After reading articles on this, I opened my closet and gathered some of my stuff in this new & improved pastel green color. Here’s my take on the “Neo Mint”!


Two Girls Under The Sun


I personally love this soon-to-be-trendy fresh tone because it just looks calming to the eyes and gives a relaxing vibe that could lead you to a trance. Just like what the reports said, this is also a gender-neutral hue that looks futuristic while having a sense of nature to it as well. On top of that, it’s a versatile color as it can be used in the world of fashion, interior design, and many more! Also, I am very happy about the other colors accompanying the Neo Mint in the near future. What’s not to love, right? I’m so excited for 2020!


Two Girls Under The Sun

I think I’ve got a Coachella vibe going on here, what do you think?



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With all that said, what are your thoughts about Neo Mint? Be one of the first ones to rock this color wherever you go through fashion, following the footsteps of iconic trend setters of the PH like Heart Evangelista and Liz Uy!






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Always keep your sunny side up, and brace yourself for 2020!



Noelle ♡

the other girl under the sun