A Reminder of What Success Really Means

If you’re here and expect a step-by-step guide on how to become a multi-millionaire, head to the other direction because you’ve come to the wrong place. 


Oh yay! Thank goodness you’ve decided to stay and read on. ❤️ let’s begin!


Growing up, people never explained what SUCCESS really meant. Adults work hard to make ends meet (#RESPECT)  and we all just assumed that the money earned was the most important thing that made our lives better.

Yes, money is essential. But success isn’t limited to how much people spend and earn. In reality—nobody should let money be a deciding factor whether or not they could be labeled as successful. 


Now, can we just pretend we have all the time in the world and take a moment to list down the things that make us feel proud of ourselves…

-waking up in the morning before the alarm goes off

-sitting at a coffee shop to actually read a book, or talk to a friend, or get some work done without ANY distractions

-taking care of your baby sister/brother/cousin and putting them to bed after a long day of playing

-preparing food for your family


You can list more, for sure.

Aren’t you surprised how simple life can be?

Moments spent with your friends, family, and even in solitude gives you time to breathe.

It’s when we allow other people to measure our happiness and define our success on the material possessions we accumulate or how many people we socialize with, and just tie everything to money, ruins the whole thing.

These people want to see “dollar and cents” success.

We want to prove to others that you can do more yet you end up restless and fullfilment never comes.

This is our mistake. We try to LIVE for the ones who doesn’t matter to us, the ones who put us down and the ones who see nothing good.

But aren’t we supposed to live for ourselves and for the people who do care?

Reflect on that for a moment.


Defining success depends on the life stage that you’re in.

“Success is not really doing what you’re supposed to do but having fun in the process.” –Riana, 12


“No one else can define your success but you. Everyone has their goals and it’s up to you to decide if you have achieved those goals.”

Tim, 24

“For me, success means that you are able to maximize your God-given talents and use them to help those in need. Being happy is only a by-product of my definition of success. It is not the ultimate goal

because happiness should not be about one’s self.” Loy, 40 


“Success happens when you do things out of God’s glory and will. Only then you will be able to feel fulfilled with success.”

Juliet, 60


Each one has a different perspective on success. But they all have similarities as well.

They were able to mention the words fun, happiness, help the ones in need, fulfillment, and when you include a higher power who’s greater than ourselves, allows anyone to get through everything with grace.

Neither of which translates solely to money or material possessions.

This just proves that no matter what life stage you’re in, you can see success more than just having a job or what your social status is. 

Success reminds us:

That relationships are important. 

That we should be there for others while we map out our life.

That we can start, and we should keep on going.

And that life is simple, but it isn’t easy.

But more importantly, success is best defined by YOU.

Remind yourself of the good things while keeping the lessons throughout the life you’ve lived.

Let me end with a great quote a remarkable woman once said,


“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” 

Miriam Defensor Santiago



Always keep your sunny side up and always have the courage to continue! 



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