A Little Pep Talk For 2019

Hi everyone, happy new year! I hope your celebration was as good as mine.


As you may know, it’s the season of new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to add more goals to your list, on top of those that still exist from last year. I wanted to welcome the new year with some of my favourite quotes for inspiration.

It’s easy to get lost in the pressure and stress brought by school or work or just life in general. Let’s try rise above it all this year, okay?

Make 2019 yours.

We’re born for something. Our life is a crazy ride of figuring out what that is by taking wrong turns and falling & hurting multiple times. Just keep trying and doing what you want to do and eventually you’ll be who you want to be. You’re meant to create beautiful things, and may 2019 be your breakthrough year.


I know that you might have already heard this somewhere else already but I’ll remind you again that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to stress about the things that we cannot control. I personally love this quote. It’s a very good reminder to keep the faith — whether it’s faith in yourself, God, or the universe. Just do your best and things will fall into place, especially if it really is meant for you.


If you’re tired, rest. After that, just get up and try again. Picture out the moment you achieve the goal and make that your motivation when you want to give up. There’s always hope in trying, and I think that’s beautiful.


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This year, work on your inner peace. It’s still the first of many many weeks and it’s inevitable to find yourself  in stressful situations. It takes practice to be still even when everything else is shaking you so hard — but when you’ve mastered that, it’s worth it. Trust me! When you have a stronger inner peace, your life will be so much better.


Here’s another striking line from one of the greatest authors today. This is important for moving on and letting go. If it’s already the end, let it be. Sometimes, just knowing and accepting that something is really over is the best closure you’ll ever get.


I pray and hope that it will be a good year for all of us. By “good”, I don’t just mean being on top but also experiencing being in the bottom. That is where we learn and open our eyes to what’s important for us to grow. So here’s to growing, hoping, keeping calm, and being who you are called to be. Cheers to 2019!

On that note, I’ll leave you with my own personal message that will hopefully motivate or inspire you this year.

Always keep your sunny side up!



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