A day in the sun— What we did in Manila ☀️

(for our mini reunion)

ONE YEAR— it has been a whole year since we last saw each other.

I still remember the last time Noelle and I talked and bonded in person. We ate at Yakski- our most favorite Bbq place in Cebu, together with another friend of ours (Hi Bea!) and I had 2 days left before my flight to Manila. We made sure that we had one last meal together (haha), because time can’t tell on when we can see each other again.

And finally, on the day we met again, it didn’t feel like we lost a whole freaking YEAR because we never lost touch. We chatted in ALL social media platforms simultaneously talking about different topics and we can barely keep up 😂 👩🏻‍💻

How I Told Sofia That I was Going to Manila:

Around the last week of June, I asked Sofia to buy something for me. A few days after, I confirmed that I was actually flying to Manila for a weekend and visit my Dad. I figured, why not meet up with Sofia and Pau as well since I’m already there?

Originally, I thought about surprising her with the help of Pau. Then I realized that maybe she’ll kill me for catching her off guard. Knowing us, it makes us feel better to have a cohesive look with our #ootds (because photos) and it will be a good opportunity to make content in the short time that we are together.

So I just decided to tell her. As I was about to chat her, she sent me a message first.

“When do you want me to ship your stuff?”

diba you’re meeting with Pau next next week?”

“Yes, why?”

Kuyog ko bi.” (Can I go with you?)

And that’s it. All the planning began straight away!

So here’s what we did in Manila on our mini reunion for less than 24 hours:

10:00AM: Sakura Hanami, 168 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City
12:26PM: just across the street—ran to the nearest brick wall, of course
shoutout to Pauline! 💛 The mvp who’s to thank for our candid photos together
1PM: waiting for Noelle’s dad (Tito Rae 🧂) so we can eat lunch together at UP Town Centre. 🍽

1:20PM: Tori Chizu for lunch!

2:21PM: Wandering mall rats 😬
3:06PM: went down the Biblio hole and had a blind date with books 💌
4PM: Satchmi Kape Club
(why do girls pose with one hand covering their cheeks? 😂 the Guilty top 3 as seen above )

By 5pm, we had to leave and say goodbye 😭

It’s okay though, the important thing is that we hung out again and picked up where we left off. And that, my friends, is the beauty of low-maintenance relationships 💓

Always keep that sunny side up!


Sofia and Noelle

Two Girls Under The Sun