6 Must-Try Lenten Specials by Creative Cuisine Group

We broke up.

It just wasn’t meat to be.


Two Girls Under The Sun, among other bloggers and influencers in Cebu were invited to go on a little food trip with Creative Cuisine Group. They presented several sinless dishes that were so good, it made me want to break up with meat!

(Hence, the unnecessary dramatic intro ✌️😂 )

As the Lenten season begins, we are once again in a period where some of us practice fasting & abstinence. That said, allow me to give you a cheat sheet containing 6 meatless dishes you must try while still respecting the religious practices of the season.

Creative Cuisine Group Launches Their Lenten Specials

With a well-known lineup of restaurants in Cebu, Creative Cuisine Group (CCG) has put special dishes on the spotlight to promote the Lenten specials from each of their food brand.

Under the CCG umbrella are the following restaurants:

  • Etta’s Eclectic Food + Drinks
  • Brique Modern Kitchen
  • Big Mao Cantonese Restaurant
  • Chikaan sa Cebu
  • Big Daddy Food Truck
  • Da-In Korean Restaurant
  • Kaffee Alde Bakery

Let the Lent-friendly food trip begin!

Etta’s Eclectic Food + Drinks: Kinilaw De Cebu

Our little food trip kicked off with Etta’s signature Kinilaw de Cebu Platter. It comes in 3 variations: Tangigue Tofu, Tuna Pomelo,and Nangka Dilis. May favorite was the Tangigue Tofu!

I’ve always loved Etta’s for giving ordinary dishes a twist in flavor and making it their own.

Big Mao: Century Camaro Egg

After that Filipino favorite, we move on to Big Mao’s Century Camaro Egg. This one is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside. You can order this one for only Php 265 in Big Mao! They are CCG’s Cantonese food brand.

Chikaan sa Cebu: Ginataang Kalabasa & Sitaw w/ Shrimps

I’m just gonna say it, I’m a sucker for squash so I really love this one. It’s perfect with the shrimp and the ginataang sauce! You can order this one in Chikaan and get 50% off when you order any of their seafood dish.

Da-In’s Korean Restaurant: Cheesy Steamed Egg and Grilled Mackarel

Let’s go Korean! Da-In is CCG’s latest food brand which opened around September last year. You should try their Cheesy Steamed Egg, it’s really soft and flavorful. Get this for 50% when you order their Grilled Mackerel!

Big Daddy Food Truck: Fishtacular Burger

This is one of my faves! I never really thought how fish and bread and coleslaw would taste like all together, but the Fishtacular Burger got me hooked. Now you know where to go when you’re craving for burger on a Friday during Lent season!

Brique Modern Kitchen: Shrimp Zucchini Pesto

I know there are a lot of meatless pasta dishes already, and Brique’s Shrimp Zucchini Pesto should be on your top list. It’s all things creamy and delish, everyone on our table loved it!

Kaffee Alde Cakes

At this point, we were all pretty much full but I don’t think we can afford to miss out on dessert. Just look at that cake selection by Kaffee Alde!

They served us the Father’s Day Special, which was a moist chocolate cake. I was also lucky enough to bring home the Mocha Leches Drip! It’s a chiffon cake with a hint of coffee flavor and then dipped in milk.

A Whole Dining Experience offered by Creative Cuisine Group

Creative Cuisine Group really gave us a whole dining experience from appetizer to dessert, which is what they aim to present to everyone in Cebu. So make sure you avail their Lenten specials from Feb. 26-Apr. 12 in all of their food brands: Etta’s Eclectic Food + Drinks, Big Mao, Chikaan sa Cebu, Da-In Korean Restaurant, Big Daddy Food Truck, and Kaffee Alde.

What do you think you’ll try first?

Always keep your sunny side up!


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