4 Things You Should Have to Make Your Desk Look Cheerful

Wow. 2019, three weeks in.

Is it just us or the year is coming on to us strong? 😬

That being said, almost done with the first month of this new year, you’ve most likely laid your plans on the table and are very eager and excited to work on your goals. 

Although doubts still try to creep in, have no fear! If you need a pick-me-up inspiration, get your 3-minute pep talk right here! Surely, this will keep you on the sunny positive side of life.


To welcome a fresh start, we willingly cleaned our desks for us to show you where the blogging magic happens (is that even a thing? 😂).

If you don’t have a cluttered desk, you won’t have a cluttered mind. 

You’ll know where exactly you put your essentials and you’ll be more productive. Hopefully, there will be no more “Where is that damned planner at?” or “I’m sure that my new pens were just here by the lamp…” or “Oh my Gosh, how did THAT end up under the bed?” and so on. These scenarios are just too familiar, don’t you think?



I like all things minimal yet colourful. (you don’t say, sof 🙈) I know where all my things are located and I make sure I return the items right away after it’s used.

As you know, I transferred/migrated back in Manila and please don’t judge me when I say this— I am not fully unpacked yet. Help ya girl out! I have no extra storage space and I plan how my room is going to look like , that’s why I don’t just purchase any organizers or cabinets willy nilly.

All I need is a desk with pens, markers/highlighters, a pair of scissors and my notebook/s! I really love collecting stationery and I’m pretty sure it’s my lifeline. It’s pretty damn reliable. You can use it or give as a gift!

Note my wall organizer too! I pin random things there—anything to keep me inspired and keep my creative mind up and running, but I would really love to pin more photos as 2019 continues with fun, excitement and even uncertainty! I’m going to  document those moments for sure.

I’m also very into night lights or just lights in general. There are four kinds of lights in my room. One is the main white light, second is the warm light bulb for mood lighting and reading, third is my moonlight, and lastly, the fairly lights that are wrapped around my wall organizer. Not too shabby. ✨



My desk is pretty cozy — it’s tiny, but filled with things to do. Believe me, it does NOT look like this on an ordinary day. But in the hopes of a better year, here’s a cleaner looking desk. The question is, how long will it be this organized? Any bets? 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I’m a content writer by day, content writer on the side, and a self-proclaimed blogger (writer-producer-self-timer photographer all in one) by night and the rest of my free time. Basically, I write until I get a migraine. My desk is home to my planner, pens, camera, charger, props, my phone, and a laptop.

It also doubles as my dresser since I live in a condo — hence the limited space in almost everything — so that’s why there’s an organizer for my earrings. All other beauty essentials are in the space below it (not included in the photos).


As you can see, there’s a shelf on top of my desk which is quite full. On the left are the latest books I got during Christmas, while on the right are my art supplies. Reading & coloring/doodling is one of my therapy sessions when I’m stressed, bored or feeling artsy.

Because I’ve got a lot on my mind all the time, I find it extremely important to have inspiring little things to put a smile on my face despite being in a stressful situation. I have photos, quotes, pictures of my stress-free self, and a world map.

Words are powerful. There are quotes to remind me of positive things like hope, dreams, and God’s plans—  especially during the hectic days. Photos are memories, and those are pretty important to someone like me. I’d love to remember the past as detailed as possible. On top of that, reminiscing feels good don’t you think? 🙂


Here are our favourites/top picks from our desks (and where to get them!)





There you have it, friends!

We hope that you are a bit inspired to clean up and organize your life—oops we mean your desk…

For us, 2019 is all about making small choices that lead to simple—but turn out to be massive successes!

If you’re also on the road to a more organization this year, just relax and learn how to let go of the things you don’t really use anymore in order for you to make room for better items that are durable and that also matches your style.

When you clear your desk, you clear your mind. So, be willing to shake things up, know your style and learn new things to have productive days. There are more than 300 days to achieve that, you can do it!

Until then, always keep your sunny side up!


Sofia & Noelle

Two Girls Under The Sun