100 Things You Can Do To Keep You Away From Your Phone

(or just any screen in general)

Truth be told, everyone’s on their phones. The girl on the elevator, the man who walked past you, and even your mom on the dining table.

We are all facing a screen almost 24/7, and we are struggling to stay away from it! I am guilty of this, of course, that’s why I made a list of things that we can do that help us stay away from our screens (phones, tablets, ipads, tv).

The goal here is to rest your eyes, keep you away from radiation and whatever you’re exposed to when using gadgets.

This list consist of productive, fun and low-cost to no spending activities! (I gotchu and your wallet 😉)

Alright, enough intro. Let’s get it!

1 Write a to-do list
Do this on actual paper, not on your phone. This really helps you get things done!

2 Listen to a podcast or audio book while something productive

3 Stretch

4 Make your bed

5 Have a cup of coffee
Without the use of phone please!

6 Read the actual newspaper
You can do this while drinking your coffee.

7 Make a bucket list of things you wanna do before you reach your 50’s

8 Rearrange your furniture

9 Clean your house
Tip: Focus on different parts of the house for each day of the week. For example — the kitchen on Monday, the living room on Tuesday, and so on.

10 Marie Kondo your stuff
Keep the things that spark joy in your life, and donate the stuff that you’re willing and ready to let go of.

11 Wipe clean your walls

12 Dust off the little things in your house

13 Do laundry

14 Change your sheets

15 Check your food and label them with their expiry dates

16 List down the things you need to get at the grocery store or some house supplies you’re running out of

17 Wash your car

18 Jogging

19 Yoga at home

20 Workout

21 Go swimming

22 Dance

23 Karaoke
Okay, this might require a screen, but just make sure you have a good distance from it 🙂

24 Play with your pet

25 Bathe and feed your pet

26 Teach your pet a new trick

27 Bullet Journaling
If you’re up for anything aesthetically pleasing and creatively putting your life on paper, you better try this one! This will surely make you forget that you have a phone.

28 Color

29 Scrapbooking
Print out old photos or gather your Polaroids and put them together according to category like your latest travel, a scrapbook of you and your friends, or your last birthday.

30 Do some calligraphy

31 Practice painting

32 Try cross stitch/quilting/crochet

33 Plan your next travel and put it on paper

34 Make an inspiration board

35 Create a DIY project

36 Say a short prayer

37 Read a book

38 Binge-watch
This is another activity that requires a screen, but it helps to wear your anti-radiation glasses and again distance yourself from the TV/tablet/ipad. I don’t know about you but I get so lost in what I’m watching that I forget about my phone!

39 Take an online class

40 Learn a new hobby

41 Update your budget plan

42 Bake some sweets

43 Cook something you’ve never cooked before
Try doing a keto/vegan/pescetarian dish for a change. I tried making choco banana overnight oats and I really like it!

44 Experiment with different coffee concoctions at home

45 Invite some people over

46 Play video games
For the 3rd time, wear your anti-rad glasses and don’t stay too near the screen! At least it keeps you from scrolling through social media and checking for notifications every minute, right?

47 Play board games with your friends/family
Get your Monopoly or Snakes & Ladders out from hiding!

48 Color/dye your hair

49 Sort out all your makeup

50 Play with makeup

51 Paint your nails

52 Wear your high school uniform

53 Mix and match clothes

54 Have a mini photo shoot

55 Practice photography

56 Print old and/or new photos

57 Frame photos and update your gallery wall

58 Create some flat lays

59 Alter the clothes you hid in your closet

60 Upcycle old stuff/furniture and give it a new life

61 Play some solitaire

62 Try pancake art

63 Do a whisper challenge with your brother/sister

64 Play the piano
Learn a part of your favorite song, or make your own.

65 Achieve the yoga challenge with someone

66 Go biking

67 Appreciate the sky

68 Bask under the sun
Make sure you have your sunblock on!

69 Look at the sunrise/sunset

70 Cut your nails

71 Have a massage

72 Make yourself a smoothie

73 Take time with your skincare
Don’t rush it and relax as you wash and moisturize. Take your time!

74 Play calm music, light up a scented candle and rest your eyes as you have a face mask on

75 List the things that you are grateful for

76 Organize your desk
You might wanna read this blog post of ours in case you missed it!

77 Redecorate your bedroom

78 Take out the trash

79 Separate m&m’s by color because why not

80 Put aesthetic labels on your organization containers

81 Have an arm wrestling challenge with your siblings

82 Try out snacks you’ve never tried before

83 Take a nap

84 Go out to dinner with some friends

85 Answer brain games on paper
This includes sudoku, word search, cross word puzzles!

86 Pour yourself a glass of wine

87 Reflect on life
You may or may not do this while drinking a glass of wine.

88 Talk to someone
When’s the last time you had a real and/or deep conversation with someone?

89 Write an entry in your diary/journal.
Talk about your day, give a life update, anything.

90 Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

91 Play the guitar/ukulele

92 Go to the gym

93 Write a short story
Test your skills in storytelling through written words!

94 Do a viral dance challenge just for fun
Have you seen the Tiktok video of the girl cry-dancing to Obsessed by Mariah Carey??

95 Go through your old paperwork from school if you still have them.
See how well or how bad you did before and just laugh it off!

96 Read a magazine

97 Count how many hangers you have 😂

98 Doodle something

99 Meditate

100 Sleep early

Well, get off the screen now and do one of these things!

Here I am reading the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur. It’s soooo good, you guys should read it if you haven’t yet!

“never feel guilty for starting again”

Always keep your sunny side up!


the other girl under the sun