10 No-pressure Health Habits for the Stressed & Anxious

Keeping calm is one thing, but staying calm is another story. The former is a conscious effort which you may or may not be consistent in, but the latter is allowing these small changes (good healthy habits) to be a part of your life.

In the past 4 months, we have tried and failed discovering different activities to help us cope with this new normal life. After several attempts, I think we’re getting the hang of it and we want to share it with you. May this be a helpful guide or a reminder that doing little actions actually help if you just try it.

Breathe /brēT͟H/
• when anxiety levels are at its peak, focus on your breathing; this will bring you back to the NOW • practice making “calm” your default mindset through breathing exercises

Forgive /fərˈɡiv/
• there will be times when we’re productive and lazy, happy and sad, energetic and tired • forgive yourself for that • life itself isn’t consistent, there are good days and bad days • it’s okay.

Journal /ˈjərnl/
gerund or present participle: journaling

• allow your creative juices to flow from your mind to your body and let it out in the form of words, pictures, or both

Listen /ˈlis(ə)n/
• because sometimes listening to music is enough; volume up, life fade out • listen to your body; don’t pressure yourself to do something you’re not ready to do yet.

Meditate /ˈmedəˌtāt/
• train your mind to keep calm, attract abundance and face your stressors and fears; only then can you be the best version of yourself

Watch /wäCH,wôCH/
• why watch alone when you can netflix party? try to schedule movie nights with your friends so you have something to look forward to.

Pray /prā/
• reflect on this: “what if you wake up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?” • you can do this anytime and anywhere

Read /rēd/
• this might be the perfect time to pick up the books left unread on your shelf, or re-read old books in a whole new perspective

Slow down /ˈslōˌdoun/
• don’t forget to slow down or, better yet, pause when things get overwhelming

Yoga /ˈyōɡə/
• get to know your body, learn how to go with the flow and let go

I know stress hits differently right now. There’s fear, anxiety and even loss every day. Sometimes it feels like there’s more bad than good in the world but I hope you find the energy to face those thoughts head on and use it to your advantage.

You don’t have to do all of these things if you don’t want to, or you could focus on just one thing. It’s up to you. No pressure.

Here’s to staying calm in uncertainty.


Noelle and Sofia
Two Girls Under The Sun